How does the US Navy help to Neutralize Threats?

China has edged ahead of the US in a seemingly one-sided race to have the largest number of battleships and submarines as of the end of 2020. With a fleet of 360 ships against the US’s 297, the Chinese have started to widen the gap. The lead is expected to stretch some with the prolific Chinese naval ship industry projected to increase its fleet to 425 in 2030. With threats looming everywhere from the South China Sea to the Bab-El-Mandeb Strait otherwise known as the Gate of Tears in Yemen, the US Navy relies on its 11 aircraft carriers to carry the day for the US Sailors when an armed conflict arises. Each aircraft carrier carries an average of 5,000 personnel at any given time during deployment. It is no wonder that the US Navy has put so much importance on training, education, and mentorship (TEAM) for all naval personnel onboard its aircraft carriers. TEAM is the glue that binds people of different inclinations together to follow the US Navy’s chain of command.

Towards this end, the US Navy conducts training exercises with the armed forces of allied countries and countless freedom of navigation sorties in disputed maritime areas. It is on top of the US Navy’s regular training and drills. The drills and exercises keep the naval and air force personnel on their toes and enhance coordination. When an actual war scenario breaks out, the US naval and air personnel will be fighting like a well-oiled machine.

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