Why We Train to Win

Training is a means to an end. The US military, for example, strives for perfection in the training of its troops to help it achieve victory in times of war or need and reduce casualties. The constantly evolving face of warfare demands training all year round to bring its personnel up to speed. Live, constructive, virtual, and gaming training simulations are employed to impress on the individual real-life combat situations and how to properly react to them. The US Navy alone trains about 40,000 recruits every year at its training camp at Great Lakes Naval Station in Lake Michigan, Illinois. The Initial Entry Training Program inculcates the basic skills needed by a recruit and assimilates him to the culture of the military service. From being individualistic at the start, the recruit is being prepared to work within the confines and discipline of a group.

In other areas of life, the same principles of training apply. In the academe, each subject has individual and group work components that a student must successfully hurdle to get a passing mark. School graduation enables one to get employment or run a business. When one is employed or managing a business, further training is geared towards improving a trainee’s capability and skill for him to work seamlessly with his assigned department and other units in the organization. The goal is to maximize the employee’s contribution to the company’s bottom line. Continuous training of personnel guarantees a company’s survival in a highly competitive business environment.

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